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3 bathroom vanity options that bring the 'wow' factor

Whether you are remodeling the tiny spare down the hall or your main master bath, the vanity is sure to be a focal point of the room.

Fortunately, we have come a long way from the boring vanities of the past. Today's vanities can be custom built or bought off the shelf in a variety of colors, styles, and sizes. Bring the 'wow' factor to your vanity by trying one of these hot trends in bathroom design.

Vintage bathroom vanities

Turning an old cabinet into a vanity is one of the hottest DIY crazes for giving a bathroom a unique look. However, if you aren't crafty, that's okay. Plenty of off-the-shelf vanities offer the look and feel of a vintage cabinet. You get all the character without having to do the legwork of converting a piece of furniture from one purpose to another.

This option can blend well with a variety of bathroom styles too. A distressed wood cabinet will look perfect in a casual, country home while a more traditional home may benefit from a Victorian inspired vanity.

Modern, wall-mount vanities

If you prefer contemporary baths, skip the cabinet vanity and look for a wall-mount (sometimes called a wall-hung) model instead. These vanities not only lend themselves well to a variety of designs they are also space savers in small bathrooms.

Some wall-mount vanities are styled like contemporary cabinets. These options still offer storage without dominating the room like a traditional cabinet vanity. If you don't need storage, consider a poured concrete vanity for an industrial look. For a stunning, minimalist display, use a shelf vanity with a bowl sink on top.

Double bathroom vanities

Although his and her vanities in master baths have been around for years, double vanities have been surging in popularity recently. Double sinks and double storage space may make the most sense in a master bath where you and your significant other may be prepping for the day at the same time. However, the double vanity look can offer a sleek, symmetrical look even in small spaces.

The type of double vanity you should use will depend on the space available in your bathroom. If you have the wall space, you may want to install two separate wall-hung vanities, each with their own mirror. Or, it may be a better fit with your room to use one vanity with double sinks instead.

To determine which of these or other bathroom vanity options will work best for your remodel, discuss your needs, preferences, and budget with a licensed remodeling contractor or a designer. With a professional by your side, you are certain to get that beautiful bathroom and vanity that will make you are your guests say 'wow!'