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Kitchen cabinet refacing is a cost-saving option

Kitchen cabinet refacing has become a popular choice during these cash-strapped times. In as little as a weekend, you can completely transform your entire kitchen's appearance. Compared to the time and expense of ordering and installing new cabinets, refacing may just be the most cost-effective remodeling scheme out there. The Do It Yourself Network reports that you can save up to 50 percent of your money by choosing refacing over complete cabinet replacements.

Face Your Kitchen offers a great analysis in its article, Consider These 4 Tips to Estimate the Cost of Cabinet Refacing. A refacing effort can run between $1,000 and $5,000, depending on materials. That price typically includes the removal of your existing cabinet doors, drawer fronts and hardware. Then the contractor applies new veneers and hardware and remounts your cabinet parts.

Price variables in a refacing remodeling project

You'll find a range of options in having the work done. First, the materials used in the cabinet refacing greatly affect the overall cost. Wood veneers top the price range for refacing materials. For cherry, maple, red oak, ash or hickory, you can expect to spend around $16 for a 24"x24" piece, or as much as $9,000 for a complete job with premium wood.

Laminate and synthetic veneers are at the lower, more affordable range. These products include thermo-foil, a synthetic film that is attached by heat and pressure to a piece of medium density fiberboard. You can choose among a wide range of colors and patterns.

Laminate veneers are synthetic PVC sheets that are cut to size and attached to your existing doors and drawer fronts with a bonding agent. Both thermo-foil and laminates clean easily with a soap and water wipe down and do not need staining.

How to shop for cabinet refacing

You'll find a wide selection of kitchen cabinet styles for refacing your doors and drawer fronts. Your first pass should narrow the materials, colors and styles that match or complement your decor.

Veneer manufacturers today specialize in creating period pieces for historical or era homes. Or, you can choose among refacing products designed to work with ornate, ranch, French, Italian, country, or contemporary kitchens.

Be sure to choose hardware as well that perfectly suits your look and feel. If you're wondering how to personalize your kitchen renovation, elegant veneers, knobs and pulls provide that unique touch you're after.