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If You Build It, They Will Come


...And by it of course, we mean your new deck.

Have you ever felt a supernatural affinity for a more blissful outdoor living space? Have you ever run across a deck, in someone else's backyard, off the house of a neighbor, that just plain spoke to you? It might have even said 'Carl-you need a deck like me in your yard!'


All exaggerations aside, you're not alone. And you can interpret this as a clear sign from the deck gods that you need a deck to echo who you are, ehnhance your quality of life, and reflect what is uniquely you about your home. Afterall, if you build it, they will come.

And by they we mean your freinds, family members, neighbors, and all kinds of well wishers lured by the power of your new deck. And if the deck gods are feeling especially benevolent, they will also come bearing coolers of frost brewed beverages to make for the summer you've been dreaming about.

Barbeques, brews, hot tubs- whatever kind of deck speaks to you is the kind of deck you might want to start looking at. We also suggest standing in your yard, where you envision your new masterpiece, or on your existing deck, if you have one, in an attempt to commune with the deck gods to determine what kind of deck might be right for you. What do you envision, while standing on your humble strip of grass? Of course if inspiration dosen't strike you, you could also just take a look at some of these divine decks:



Photo Credit: ArtDecks

Photo Credit: Skirrow Design Build


Photo Credit: Austin Ornamental

Photo Credit: DeKing