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4 work zones to make your kitchen the heart of your home

August 14, 2013

The days of the old-fashioned kitchen triangle design have diminished like the horse and buggy with the introduction of the automobile. Kitchens of today are open--and in many cases larger than they were in years past.

Plan a kitchen island that fits

August 6, 2013

A kitchen island can create a more efficient kitchen, but so often I see an island that does not fit the space properly. Instead of being efficient, it's just in the way.

Going with the flow in kitchen remodeling

December 5, 2011

If someone gave you a tip for saving water and, consequently, cutting your utility costs would you take it? I was evaluating new water taps for this blog and wandered across the Department of Energy's regulations on the gallons per minute (GPM) rate allowed on new taps. According to Energy Savers, new faucet flow rates are capped at 2.

Small kitchen remodeling options for new cooktops

March 6, 2011

If you're considering remodeling your kitchen, think about ways to do it in modular fashion, improving the overall space one step, one appliance at a time. There are countless ideas for the small kitchen that make sense when you don't have a fortune to spend.

Demolishing your old kitchen countertops

March 21, 2012

You'll find thousands of home improvement tips on the Web for kitchen remodeling. A contractor friend always jokes that there are articles on installing new cabinets, tiles and backsplashes, but rarely advice on demolishing the existing kitchen.

Resources for inexpensive cabinet hardware

June 20, 2012

Never underestimate the power of cabinet hardware in transforming the appearance of your kitchen. Even if the cabinet doors and drawer facings have lost their star power to aging and abuse, a fresh set of pulls, knobs and hinges can perk things up in a flash.

Remodeling without tools: Kitchen and bath organizers

April 10, 2012

Let's say you can't tolerate the clutter and confines of your bath and kitchen. Money is tight and lenders are tighter.

2 quick ways to snip years off your old kitchen

August 13, 2013

The years take a toll on the most used room of your house, your kitchen. Unfortunately, the wear and tear may become painfully noticeable at a time when you can least afford to rejuvenate your "old friend.

Having a Kitchen Crisis?

June 6, 2008

Kitchens, kitchens, kitchens..

Evaluating Your Home Improvement Project Costs

September 24, 2010

By the time you read this blog, the cost of materials and labor for home improvement projects will have probably changed from the day I wrote it. I continually see prices go up and down--mostly up.

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