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Adding Garden Lattice to your Backyard

June 13, 2007

With garden lattice, you will be able to change the entire look of your backyard with little monetary investment and time spent.  This is a form of lattice that is able to hold various plant structures as well as create a defined space for your yard.

Average Cost of a Backyard Deck and ROI

July 6, 2010

Summer is here, and it is time for outdoor entertaining. If your outdoor entertaining area is a bit skimpy, adding a is a great way to enhance your backyard and add value to your home at the same time.

Veranda Stair Railings: What's In a Backyard?

August 15, 2007

Spending time outside is a favorite pastime of many families.  Whether you have a large yard with a huge deck, or a small piece of land with a veranda, your time out of doors should be relaxed, safe and, of course, stylish.

Backyard Havens: Outdoor Kitchen Plans

August 21, 2007

While outdoor kitchens are quite common in the southern states like Nevada, Texas, and Arizona, northern states like Ohio, Michigan, and Pennsylvania may not even be aware of them.  Outdoor kitchens are essentially just very elaborate grill stations, but they are located outside.

Fancy Backyards: Patio Veranda Design

August 28, 2007

There are almost as many possibilities for a patio veranda design as there are different houses.  Your choice of patio veranda design should work with your home's exterior.

Keep Traffic Noise Down with Backyard Soundproofing

October 15, 2007

Your home is your haven and the last thing you want to hear while relaxing on the deck is traffic noise or the neighbors arguing.  You hear about escalating arguments between neighbors, or between residents and the city, over the level of noise all the time in the news.

Fun Backyard Gazebos for Some Serious Playing

September 12, 2007

Fun backyard gazebos add a new dimension to the backyard or garden.  You can use gazebos in so many ways to add distinctive style to your outdoor entertainment areas.

How to Generate Beautiful Backyard Walkway Ideas

October 18, 2006

Backyard Walkway Ideas from the Professionals Backyard walkway ideas are out there whether you need them for a porch project, a patio or even a garden, here are some ways to get the ideas flowing. Backyard walkway ideas fall under the category of masonry and landscaping.

Enjoy Summer More with Backyard Pool Landscaping Ideas

October 22, 2007

It's no wonder that backyard pool landscaping ideas are becoming more important to homeowners these days.  When you're trying to keep the value of your home high in a buyer's market, you need to continuously adjust and change your outward appearance as much as you need to change the interior design.

Prefabricated Outdoor Kitchens: Changing the Backyard Barbeque

August 24, 2007

A few years ago, no one would have believed someone who said they were going to install prefabricated outdoor kitchens in their homes.  But today, the tide has turned: more and more people are spending so much time in their backyards that the traditional rusty grill set up has become a thing of the past.

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