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Bring on the Birds! How to Create a Wildlife Habitat in Your Backyard

August 23, 2010

One of the best parts of having a nice backyard is the bird-watching and wildlife viewing opportunities just outside your window. Careful landscaping can be all the invitation those lovely birds and delightful squirrels need to make their homes on your property! Building a Wildlife-Friendly Backyard Creating a safe haven for wildlife in your backyard isn't difficult.

Concrete Pond Construction

November 14, 2006

More and more homeowners are including decorative ponds as part of their landscaping and one of the best options is concrete pond construction. This method is more expensive and requires more installation expertise than the common plastic or vinyl liner pond but the results are generally much nicer and much more durable.

Ideas for Backyard Fire Pits

August 14, 2006

Tips and suggestions to help you get ideas for backyard fire pits. You have some ideas for backyard fire pits, yet you're still not exactly sure what will work and what won't work? Here are a few tips to help make sure your ideas for backyard fire pits will work.

The Basics of Backyard Landscaping

August 18, 2008

Most homeowners think about how their homes look from the street before they think about anything else.  This is known as curb appeal.

Backyard Playgrounds Designs

June 22, 2005

Building a Backyard Play Structure By Rhonda Cliett A child's dream backyard includes a play structure complete with a slide and swings just like the one at the neighborhood park. Once you have made the decision to make your child's dream come true then you have several backyard playgrounds designs from which to select depending on the amount of money and time you can invest.

Installing a Backyard Patio Cover

March 5, 2010

I would recommend a ceiling fan, provided getting power to a switch and out to the fan, are not going cost more than building the cover. I have seen that happen.

Backyard Style with Gazebo Designs

September 14, 2007

Gazebo designs are as varied as deck designs ranging from simple to elaborate Victorian styles.  Gazebos have been popular for centuries offering a protected sitting area in a yard or park.

Building a backyard wine cellar

March 19, 2012

Well Robert, oftentimes the most successful back yard projects start simply with a good drawing. If you can create a sketch of what you want your new wine cellar to look like, undoubtedly there is a contractor somewhere who can build it for you.

Creating Realistic Backyard Deck Plans

August 1, 2007

Making the home of your dreams doesn't end at the interior of the home.  Those that have a larger backyard have the opportunity to give their home a special look with backyard deck plans.

7 Excellent Ideas for Backyard Privacy

July 28, 2010

Even if you are one of the lucky homeowners who has the greatest neighbors in the world, sometimes you want a little privacy in your own backyard. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to get that without alienating the neighborhood or moving to the middle of nowhere.

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