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Why You Should Consider a Free Standing Solarium

Why You Should Consider a Free Standing Solarium

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August 15, 2007

For the average gardener, there is nothing better than getting out in the hot sun and feeling the dirt between your fingers.  And for those who are growing daisies and snapdragons, all you really need is a plot of dirt and a trowel.  But for those green-thumbed plant people who are interested in growing more delicate flowers and plants, a free standing solarium may be the answer to a gardener's prayer.

In the past, solariums were used as a way for people to get sunlight at any time of the day without going outside.  Does this practice sound familiar?  It should, since that is the primary use for solariums and sunrooms today.  The Middle Ages brought women to the roofs of the castle towers to get sun, or to an upper chamber with windows all around.  As glass became more common, these rooms would use glass windows sot hey could be used in all seasons.

Your New Free Standing Solarium

Traditionally, a solarium is very similar to a sunroom.  Solariums are often attached to your home by a door or passageway and are walled almost entirely in glass.  For many people, a solarium can not only be used as an "outside room", it can also be used for hobbies involving plants.  In fact, many people choose to use their solariums as greenhouses.

Today, a free standing solarium could also accurately be called a greenhouse because they are generally used as such.  A greenhouse or free standing solarium usually is used by gardeners to grow exotic plants or flowers that require a lot of intricate care.  Most solariums like this are too small to be used as sunrooms, which is why they are often used for things like greenhouses or potting sheds.

A free standing solarium can be found in a variety of places.  If you want a solarium that is large enough to house many different types of plants plus all of your tools and gardening equipment, you will want to find a contractor to do the work properly.  But of you are a newcomer to the world of solariums and greenhouses, try a do-it-yourself solarium kit.  They are cheaper, smaller, and much more conducive to simple garden-tending.

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