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What to Do When Choosing a Basement Contractor

What to Do When Choosing a Basement Contractor

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February 22, 2007

Hiring a basement contractor can make your basement renovations move along more smoothly than if you were doing the project on your own.  Not only do they have the training in handling problems and in starting installation projects, but they also have the experience to anticipate problems that you may not have even thought of.  However, just as with any person that you hire, you need to choose someone that is right for you and for the work that you want done.

The first thing to keep in mind with a basement contractor is that they need to have the certification to back up their promises to you.  They should have licensing and certifications that they can show to you as well as verify through the regulation boards.  When they give you their resume and list of qualifications, it's up to you to check each of these sources to see if they're legitimate. 

Basement Contractor

Next, your basement contractor should have the insurance to cover any problems that might come up.  In the unlikely situation that something should occur on the jobsite, they need to be covered for the damages and losses - or you will be.  Ask if they are insured and if they have ever had to make any claims during a job assignment.  Double check on their insurance policy before you agree to their services in order to know what is covered and what is not.

A good basement contractor will have a list of clients that are willing to give honest testimonials about work that was done in the past.  Call each of these references to see what the job was and whether it was done to the customer's satisfaction.  If there were problems, ask the customer how the contractor resolved them.

You may also want to talk with your local Better Business Bureau to see what kind of record they have in terms of complaints from other clients.  A basement contractor without any history with the BBB is a good sign that you won't have to anticipate any problems either.

Choosing a basement contractor is the most important step in your basement remodeling process.  A good contractor will help you realize your remodeling dreams, while a poor choice can turn into a nightmare.

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