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What Are Exterior House Painting Ideal Conditions?

What Are Exterior House Painting Ideal Conditions?

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February 9, 2007

Waiting for exterior house painting ideal conditions may be hard on your patience, but it is well worth it to produce the best painting results.  The challenge is to match up the right conditions with the time you have available to start and finish the project.  Professional painters have a bit more room to maneuver in different conditions because they have the experience and special equipment to handle sudden changes.  Most homeowners, though, are much better off waiting for the right conditions.

Exterior House Painting Ideal Conditions

So what exactly are exterior house painting ideal conditions?  Weather is probably the biggest factor when deciding the right time to begin an exterior painting project.  When the temperature is too cold (below 50°) paint will not flow and go on smoothly, and it will not dry or be absorbed properly into the surface.

For best results, the air temperature and the temperature of the surface to be painted should be above 50° for the entire painting and drying time.  On the other end of the spectrum, you will not get the best results if the temperature is too hot (over 90°) because the paint can end up "baking" rather than drying.  If you must paint in hot weather, plan your work so that you paint in shaded areas rather than in direct sunlight.

Wind and humidity also have a huge impact on whether or not you should launch an outdoor painting project.  If the wind is too strong, it can blow loose debris onto wet or damp paint, and it can also dry things out too quickly.  Humidity is something that most homeowners think about in terms of rain. If it's raining you should never do exterior house painting. However, it also important to remember that general air humidity is a consideration too. 

If the humidity is high then condensation can form on surfaces in the late evening or overnight.  This can cause streaks, fading, or poor adhesion to the surface.  An excellent way to determine exterior house painting ideal conditions is to read the manufacturer's recommendations on the label of the paint you plan to use and then act accordingly.


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