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Want to Add a Room? When to Find a Local Contractor For Your Room Addition

Want to Add a Room? When to Find a Local Contractor For Your Room Addition

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February 22, 2007

When you want to add a room to your home, you'll want to do more than just get out the sledgehammers and the two by fours.  You need to have a plan of attack and, quite possibly, call in the professionals to help you finish the project.

The first thing you will want to do when you want to add a room is to make a plan of what you want, down to the exact measurements.  You might want to employ a professional for this part of the project or you can sketch your desires in a more relaxed way.  This should show the dimensions of the room as well as the areas where windows and doors will be placed.  You will also want to add in where you will want outlets and water access.

Create Useful Space

When going through this stage of the process, its nice to be able to sit down with some ideas and brainstorm a little bit.  What are your ideas for the room?  What kind of space will the addition be giving your home? Which members of the household will use this room the most, and what will they be using it for? These are all great questions to ask before talking with your contractor, because then you will be prepared when these kinds of questions come up.

Next, you need to talk to the local organizations that handle building permits and can guide you in other regulations that you may need to follow.  This might seem like an unnecessary step as you're adding onto your own home, but this will be required in nearly every city.  The permit stage will also help you clarify your add a room ideas in order to help you see what's possible and what's allowed for your neighborhood and local zoning laws.

Add a Room

Once you have your permit from the city and you have a plan, you will want to start the construction process.  This can happen with your own skills, assuming that you've had training in framing and building.  However, it's generally a better idea to have a professional contractor come into the picture to help you manage this kind of larger project.  He or she will also be able to find a team of workers that can be trusted to do quality work.

When the project is done, you will need to have a building inspector come out and survey the work that has been done.  It should meet local codes as well as safety laws for electrical and water supplies.

Wanting to add a room is a noble task for any homeowner, but with these four steps, it does not have to be an impossible dream anymore.

Whether you decide to start an additions project, or something completely different, take the time to think about how you want to invest in your home. Start your additions project by receiving free estimates on your project, or check out our other home remodeling ideas to find the project that's best for you.

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