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Useful and Practical Tips on Cleaning Rain Gutters

Useful and Practical Tips on Cleaning Rain Gutters

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January 12, 2007

The best tips on cleaning rain gutters are those that make the task easier, safer, and more effective.  Cleaning out your gutters is probably not at the top of your list of things you like to do, but it is one of the best preventative measures you can use to keep greater water damage from occurring in and around your home.  

Tips On Cleaning Rain Gutters

One of the best tips on cleaning rain gutters is to plan the entire process from start to finish before you even set foot on a ladder.  Think about where you will start, how you will remove debris from the gutters and what tools you will need. Most importantly you need to think about what safety measures you need to take.  Never clean your gutters by yourself because there are just too many ways that you can end up hurt.  Recruit a friend or relative to be there, even if their only job is to steady the ladder. They can also help you to handle your tools or ensure the safety rope is properly attached to you and to the house.

There are any number of tools out there for cleaning rain gutters, some of which are useful and some of which are not.  In general, use a tool that makes it easy to scoop out debris and mud that has gathered in the gutters.  Rinse with a hose if you like, but don't worry about pressure washing or anything similar to that.  Be cautious about using any kind of extension pole for scooping or for the hose, because they can be difficult to handle and encourage you to lean too far out from your center of balance.  Once your gutters are clean, check to see that they are all firmly attached to your home and repair any loose spots you find.  With just these few tips on cleaning rain gutters, you can have an easier and safer time getting them clean.

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