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Unique Driveways: Stamped Concrete Driveway Design

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November 22, 2006

Tips to help you create your own unique stamped concrete driveway.


New technologies in concrete have opened the way for more creative and unique driveway design. Stamped concrete driveway design is one of those technologies.

Stamped concrete is the process of adding texture and colors to the concrete to create a faux effect. It can be colored and patterned to resemble slate, flagstone, brick, tile and even wood. There are limitless possibilities that can be used to create stamped concrete driveway design. If you can imagine it, most likely there is a professional that can create the stamped concrete driveway design you have in mind.

Stamped concrete driveway design is appealing not only for it's aesthetic effect but it is also often much less expensive to implement than using the real natural product. Plus you get the great durability and functionality of concrete.

Stamped Concrete Driveway Design

By combining coloring, patterns and special finishing tools the concept of stamped concrete driveway design is rapidly gaining popularity over traditional concrete driveways. It's a way of "faux finishing" concrete.

Once you"ve chosen the pattern you want for your stamped concrete driveway design, all you need is to find a professional that's experienced in pouring and finishing regular concrete. If they have experience in working with concrete it will be no problem for them to implement your design.

As for durability and stability, the basics of the concrete remain the same. The major difference with stamped concrete driveway design is that the aggregates that are used, the colorants and the tools used to finish the concrete once it's poured. Many professionals also recommend that you use a sealant over your completed driveway. This helps to protect it from stains, wear and tear and other damage.

As you hire a professional make sure you clearly state what you want the completed project to be. It's important to be specific about the style, design and colors you want. The one thing about concrete is that once it's been poured and finished, it is very difficult to re-do. Make sure to define your choices clearly before the project begins.

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