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Thought About Antique Look Wood Flooring?

Thought About Antique Look Wood Flooring?

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June 22, 2007

When you're looking to change your home without changing the décor you have, antique look wood flooring may be a good choice for you.  With antique look wood flooring, you can create a unique look without having to change anything else.  Of course, if you are looking to create a complete antique look, adding this type of flooring is a good way to do so.

What you might want to realize about antique look wood flooring is that you don't have to actually look that hard to find it.  While you could find used or reclaimed wood flooring from antique homes, you can actually buy this type of flooring new, but it still looks as old as the 'real' thing.  You can go to your local home supply store or flooring retailer to see what they offer.  Often, if they don't have antique look wood flooring in stock, they will be able to order it for you through catalogs or other means.

Antique Look Wood Flooring

The reason more people are turning to antique look wood flooring is that it can add a new element to a home without having to include a complete overhaul or even professional installation. Many kinds of this flooring can be easily installed by you or someone in your family or friends network.  By simply removing the previous flooring pieces and sanding down the area, you just need to apply adhesive (in most cases) and then lay the floor down where you want it.  In a few hours, it will secure to the floor and then be ready for you to walk on.

However, if you are doing a restoration, antique look wood flooring may not be the best choice for you.  Though at a distance, it will look like the 'real' thing, experts and those looking to appraise your home will realize it's not authentic.  And adding something new to a restoration can often reduce its value and cause problems when you want to go back and add in new old pieces.

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