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Thinking about Rustic Banisters?

Thinking about Rustic Banisters?

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July 25, 2007

The addition to your staircase, rustic banisters can add a unique touch to your home. You can obtain rustic banisters from several different sources. This provides you with many options. You can search for originals, buy recreations, paint your current banisters or build them yourself.

The ideal for the situation is to obtain rustic banisters from their original source - an old home. You may be lucky and run across some one renovating their old house. If so, you may be able to obtain their old railings for your new use. Another option is to see where old homes in the local neighborhood or elsewhere are slated for removal. If you have the means and the permission, you may be able to obtain the desired object in this manner.

Rustic Banisters

However, there is another option. If you haunt second hand construction goods stores, such as those operated by Habitat for Humanity and others, you may run across some second hand rustic banisters or at least rustic-type banisters. These vary in shape and condition so check them out carefully. If you do locate some, bring them home, sand them down to remove all paint (Be sure to take precautions as old paint may contain lead or arsenic), rejuvenate with a natural preservative and prepare to use them.

Another option is to build them yourself. This will require access to rough-hewn poles. Pine is the preferred wood in this instance for rustic banisters. Make sure the poles are dried and prepared for use. You can use reclaimed hewn timbers, former fence posts or start from scratch. In this case, you will need to know how to cut and shape the logs into the correct format to form the staircase and banister. You will need the right tools and be sure to nail and attach them appropriately.
The easiest way, however, to obtain your rustic banister is through ordering from a dealer or builder. They can provide you with everything you may require. Some specialize in recreating the entire structure; others provide you with a basic kit. If you purchase a kit, this will allow you the chance to take part in the building process. This method also permits you to learn how to construct rustic banisters.

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