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The Rising Trend of Concrete Kitchen Floor Design

The Rising Trend of Concrete Kitchen Floor Design

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November 30, 2006

Concrete kitchen floor design is one of the fastest growing trends in kitchen remodeling. More and more homeowners are choosing concrete kitchen floors for their combination of durability, efficiency and good looks. You can literally do just about anything with a concrete floor to personalize it and make it exactly how you want it to be.

Why is concrete kitchen floor design becoming so popular? Durability is a big factor, because concrete floors are just as long lasting (and in some cases longer lasting) than the more common tile or stone flooring. Concrete flooring is very efficient and the best flooring choice if you want to use radiant heat in your kitchen floor. It absorbs heat very well and holds it for a long time, which means you can keep your floor (and kitchen) warmer while using less energy.

Learn About Concrete Kitchen Floor Design

Some people are surprised at the idea of using concrete kitchen floor design as part of their remodel project because they are simply not aware of how many different colors, textures and finishes there are to choose from. For example, color can be mixed right into the concrete mix and concrete stamps can be used to create textures or designs. Some people also like to do designs in the floor that are borders rather than going across the entire floor.

As with any kitchen flooring, there are some drawbacks to using concrete. For instance, concrete is much heavier than tile or stone flooring so the floor structure must be strong enough to handle the extra weight. In older homes especially, the floor may need some reinforcement to become sturdy enough. You must always use a good sealer on a concrete floor to help prevent stains and spills from causing damage. The sealer should be reapplied periodically according to the manufacturer recommendations and the level of wear and tear on your floor. Overall, concrete kitchen floor design is an excellent choice for many remodel projects.

To find the right kitchen contractor for your project, or to learn more about starting a kitchen remodel, check out our other resources on hiring local contractors and remodeling.

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