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The Key to Proper Attic Ventilation

The Key to Proper Attic Ventilation

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July 5, 2007

Proper attic ventilation offers you many benefits.  From energy savings to preventing wood rot, ventilating your attic will allow your entire home to stay warm and comfortable.  Whether you live in a hot or cold environment, proper attic ventilation will help you manage your heating or cooling costs as well as help you to prevent moisture buildup in your home.  Here are some ways to properly ventilate your attic area:

One of the first and best ways to insure proper attic ventilation is with a set of ridge vents.  These are installed on the roof of your home and allow air to both come in and be let out, depending on the weather conditions.  These kinds of vents are simple to install, are cost effective, and last a long time.  They are also resistant to various temperatures and moisture conditions, making them an excellent choice for multi-season homes.  While they aren't the best at conserving energy for your home, they do help to trap in warm air when needed and release it when the hot air is not necessary.

Proper attic ventilation

Another option for proper attic ventilation is power vents.  These are vents that use electrical power to move air in and out of the attic area.  With these vents, you have more control over what the air in your attic does, but at the same time, it's an efficient way to ventilate the area.  They are very effective at controlling your energy costs, and while more expensive to install, they easily make their initial investment back in a few short years.  The only concern that many homeowners have with these vents is that they can have some noise associated with them, which can be troublesome in some areas.

Yet another option for proper attic ventilation comes from turbines.  Though they're not the most stylish looking option, they are highly effective at moving air in and out of the attic area.  Resistant to all types of weather and debris, these turbines will move air from the attic area and out into the exterior of the house. 

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