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The Importance of a Roof Rafter Brace

The Importance of a Roof Rafter Brace

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July 10, 2007

When it comes to important pieces for your home, the roof rafter brace is one of the highest on the list.  Because they are supporting a great deal of weight for your roof, they are, in effect, keeping your house standing up.  Though most of us never think about the way that our house is supported by the frame, a roof rafter brace is really what is holding your house together.  Learning about the importance of the roof rafter brace is something every homeowner should do.

The roof rafter brace is a piece of wood or metal (in some cases) that allows the roof to remain at its particular angle.  This brace is put into place in the initial construction or whenever more roofing is added to the house structure.  This piece is generally angled in order to spread out the weight of the structure it is supporting, while attached to other pieces in order to provide the strongest assembly possible.

Roof rafter brace

Without a roof rafter brace in place, you would not be able to support a heavier roof for a long period of time.  In fact, as soon as there was any shift in the roof, it would come tumbling down.  While it seems like the rafters aren't really doing anything more than decoration, these pieces are making sure the upside down 'v' shape is still in place and able to withstand winds, rains, and other natural disasters.

But if you are interested in style, a roof rafter brace will help you create a great look in your home.  By being exposed, these braces can be a perfect starting point for a woodsy décor or a hunting lodge kind of look as well.  If you want to change your home to this look, all you need to do is rip out the ceilings (with the help of a professional, of course) and expose these sorts of beams.

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