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The Best Time for Installing New Windows

The Best Time for Installing New Windows

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March 21, 2007

Installing new windows is a bigger task than many people assume. Just think about it, you're removing a major insulation point of your home and replacing it with a new window. Often, things can go wrong, creating a literal hole in your home's exterior that can invite problems in.  To help reduce this possibility of issues in installing new windows, here are some ideas to time this process just right.

When installing new windows, you will want to start the process by evaluating if you really need the windows right away.  If you do, the timing might not be something you can control.  Talk to a windows installation specialist to see what they say.  If they recommend changing the windows because of safety concerns or other injury causing issues, you need to simply schedule the installation and not worry about the timing.

Installing New Windows

But if you simply want to begin installing new windows for a new style or for additional insulation, you have more options.  You can choose to install the windows during more favorable weather conditions - like the warmer, drier months.  The beginning of the summer or the beginning of fall tend to be the easier times to install exterior windows, as this reduces the likelihood of getting water or snow in the house when the windows are removed.  If there is a problem with the sizing of the windows, you can also afford to leave tarp or another covering over the window for a day until the new windows are brought in.  You aren't going to lose any utilities costs either when you choose months that don't require air conditioning or heat to help keep the home comfortable.

Another factor in the timing of installing new windows is the seasons, but for another reason.  If you're looking to increase your insulation for a certain season, you will want to make sure that your new windows are in before that season arrives.  For example, windows that will help in the winter need to be installed before the first cold day.  This, of course, is simply common sense.


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