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The Benefits of an Electric Tile Floor Heater

The Benefits of an Electric Tile Floor Heater

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January 28, 2008

All year long, you love how your tile floor looks in the bathroom and kitchen.  There is only one problem.  As the temperatures drop in the fall and winter, those lovely floors get pretty cold.  No one likes stepping out of the shower or bath and putting their feet on a cold floor.  The same thing goes for going to get that first cup of coffee in the kitchen.  With an electric tile floor heater you can still enjoy the beauty of your tile flooring and feel very comfortable with heated floors.  It sounds luxurious and it is, but it is also an affordable way to be more comfortable in your home.  If you have never heard of tile floor heaters, here are a few of the basic features of these units:

Electric Tile Floor Heater

In essence, an electric tile floor heater is a series of wires and sensors that can be installed under tile or stone tile floors.  This isn't the easiest project for a do it yourselfer, but you can choose to take care of the installation yourself.  If that isn't really what you want to do, there is nothing wrong with hiring one of the many fine, reputable companies that specialize in this system to do it for you. 

While you can install an electric tile floor heater under preexisting tile floors, if you are planning to change your flooring anyway, this is the perfect time.  With the sub floor exposed, it's a simple matter of running the electric cable systems.  You will need to determine the best places for the floor sensors to be located as well.  These sensors act like your thermostat does for your whole house heating and cooling system.  They gauge the temperature of the floor and activate the system if it falls below a certain temperature.  You can also preset many of the electric tile floor heaters to "kick on" a few hours before you get up in the morning to ensure your floors are nice and toasty warm.

Besides adding value to your home, installing an electric tile floor heater makes your life more comfortable and does away with that unpleasant cold sensation on your feet in the bathroom and kitchen.

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