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Sunroom Windows vs. Sunroom Sliding Panels

Sunroom Windows vs. Sunroom Sliding Panels

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August 15, 2007

One of the biggest complaints from owners of sunrooms is why they can't get a decent breeze in their sunrooms.  And from screened-in porch owners, the biggest problem is not being able to use their outside room in cold weather.  Luckily for the owners of sunrooms, sunroom sliding panels are available to incorporate outside breezes with privacy, versatility, and ease of use.

Having sunroom sliding panels installed in your sunroom delivers the benefit of adding ventilation to your sunroom.  A stuffy sunroom is often hotter than the actual outside air, driving you and your family into the mosquito-infested backyard.  Sliding panels open to allow for plenty of ventilation so you can enjoy those cool evening breezes without getting bitten by bugs.

Sunroom Sliding Panels

Sunroom sliding panels move up and down inside the windows of your sunroom.  This makes it easy for you to control how much air flow you get in your sunroom.  With most brands of sliding panels, you can open ¾ of your total window space to the fresh air.  Some styles are made of around 4 separate pieces that slid onto themselves when closed or expand upwards when opened. If you need to close the panels for the winter or just for a passing rain storm, the window panels will quickly slide closed.

Along with the ease of use comes the ease of cleaning.  Most companies that manufacture sunroom sliding panels also make them easy to clean by allowing them to fold in to be wiped down.

Some companies offer sunroom sliding panels with tinting.  This is terrific for sunrooms that also house spas or hot tubs.  Since one of the main problems with sunrooms can be a lack of privacy, adding a light tint to your sunroom windows can be enough to keep unwanted eyes out of your home without darkening the area.

Sunroom sliding panels will need to be installed by the manufacturing company or a qualified home remodeling professional.  Many construction companies that build sunrooms also offer the option to install sliding panels at the time of construction.  Choosing to install sliding panels when your sunroom is constructed can save you some hassle later on.

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