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Steps to a Room Addition: A Start To Finish Overview

Steps to a Room Addition: A Start To Finish Overview

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July 17, 2007

A room addition is a major project for any homeowner.  But it's well worth the work when you consider the benefits - additional space, added value, and just the idea of an additional room.  To help you manage the project from start to finish, here are some steps that can guide nearly any room addition:

Since you already know what you want from your room addition, we're going to skip over the idea of planning.  However, know that this is the most important step and should be done under the advice of a qualified planner or architect.  Next after planning comes the finalization of these plans by the local building committee.  You might need to get a planning permit or a license to build in a certain area on your property in accordance with your neighborhood's rules.  To do so without getting the proper building permits might cause you to have to pay large fines as well as remove the addition.

Room Addition

You will then want to start by finding a professional to help guide your room addition.  This is not usually a project that will be realistic for a homeowner to finish on their own - especially when it's a larger project.  You need the guidance of a local contractor or possibly a company that specializes in adding rooms to homes.  Talk with the local planning committee for your city to see if they recommend anyone in particular.

You will then want to make sure that you are satisfied with the results of your room addition as the project is going on.  Even if you're not a building professional, ask a lot of questions about what you are seeing to make sure that your room is progressing in the way that you want it to.  At the worst, the contractor will think that you're trying to micromanage, but when you're spending a lot of money on the project, this is not a bad thing to do.  You want to be happy with the results, don't you?

And when the project is done, be sure to have the local building inspector come out to make sure everything is up to code on your room addition.

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