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Stay Warm this Winter: Tips on Winterizing a House

Stay Warm this Winter: Tips on Winterizing a House

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November 28, 2006

Stay Warm this Winter: Tips on Winterizing a House

As summer and fall give way to the cold of winter, you should pay attention to several tips on winterizing a house. If you put a bit of time and effort into good winterization you will help protect your house, cut down on cold drafts and even lower your heating costs during the winter.

The first of our tips on winterizing a house is to be sure the outside faucets and air vents are properly covered. You can pick up standard foam covers that fasten securely over the faucet, as well as foam inserts that fit snugly into air vents along the foundation of your home.

Tips on Winterizing a House

Next, move inside the house to check for places where drafts and air leaks are common. Apply weather stripping around all exterior doors to help keep the cold air out and the warm air in. It is a good idea to use weather stripping on the door that goes into your garage, too, as the garage will be quite cold in the winter as well.

Other tips on winterizing a house include placing a rolled up towel against the bottom of doors to keep air from leaking in underneath. Keeping your curtains closed as much as possible will help keep your home warmer. If possible, install double celled blinds between the windows and the curtains to add an extra layer of protection from drafts and heat loss. Finally, check all interior pipes to ensure they are properly insulated, especially those that are along exterior walls. Those exterior wall pipes can easily freeze if they are not fully insulated.

When you spend time winterizing you home you are making it more comfortable for you and your family during the winter time. So, follow the above tips on winterizing a house and you"ll see the results this winter!

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