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Should You Use An Architect For Your Basement Plans?

Should You Use An Architect For Your Basement Plans?

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June 12, 2007

Should you use an architect for your basement plans?  Unfortunately, the answer to this question is never clear cut.  The scope of the project, the complexity of the changes to be made and your budget are all considerations that factor into whether or not it is a good idea to use an architect.  There are advantages and disadvantages to either path you choose, so take some time to think about them very carefully.

In some cases, basement plans can be quite simple to create. If you are making minor changes and additions, then consulting an architect could end up slowing things down and costing you money you don't really need to spend.  Working out details of your plan with the general contractor who will be doing the work may be the best route.

If your home is newer and the basement is already constructed to current building codes then finishing it is often not all that complicated.  Many newer homes are built with "ready to finish" basements that are pre-plumbed and have conduit in place for your wiring needs.  If you are fortunate enough to be in this position then you likely just need to hire a contractor to finish putting the pieces of your basement together.  Going to an architecht may be unecessary for this situation.  

Basement Plans

Where an architect really becomes a huge advantage is in situations where you are remodeling an older home that needs significant changes or you just want the added flair that an architect can bring to the plans.  For instance, an architect is well versed in modern building codes and can be invaluable in helping you avoid mistakes or problems that would bring your project to a halt when the building inspector shows up and requires expensive changes and rework.  Architects are also up-to-date on modern design trends and amenities that you may not know about or have considered. 

All in all, only you can weigh the advantages and disadvantages of hiring an architect to draw up the basement plans in your particular circumstances. For some hiring an architect will save time and money, both precious commodities to most modern families.

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