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Your Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

Your Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

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October 2, 2007

Bundle Your Home up for the Winter

As the seasons change, nature offers a good reminder to take a look at your home to make sure it isn't changing too much.  To help take stock of some pressing issues surrounding the proper winterization of your home, check out these practical and energy saving strategies:

• Inspect/add insulation: recommended minimum of 12 inches
• Caulk foundation/structural leaks and gaps inside and out
• Clean/inspect HVAC duct work; change filters
• Inspect, clean, tune furnace
    o Pilot lights
    o thermostats
• Use a setback thermostat
• Reduce heating costs with a hot water heater blanket
• Insulate pipes and plumbing components indoors and out
• Check smoke and carbon monoxide detectors; replace batteries or install new
• Clean and inspect chimney; close flue when not in use
• Close attic louvers
• Vacuum refrigerator coils
• Check expiration of home fire extinguisher; consider replacement
• Store or cover window or central a/c units
• Reverse ceiling fans (forcing heat into the room)
• Clean/inspect range hood fan
• Double check all major appliances
• Flush hot water heater
• Check all main shut-off valves
  o Label fuses and breakers
• Clean carpets, upholstery, window treatments to prevent wear


• Trim branches and shrubbery near power lines
• Prune landscaping elements away from the house
• Repair or replace weatherstripping around windows, doors and sliding doors
• Turn off outdoor faucets and sprinklers
• Clean, reinforce roof, gutters and downspouts; manage drainage options for winter runoff
• Install storm windows or window insulation kits
• Insulate flower beds using mulch, burlap etc.
• Plant any bulbs for spring
• Fertilize lawns; do a quick soil test
• Coat/seal roofing components; decking
• Seal driveway and sidewalks
• Clean and oil garage door components; replace remote opener batteries
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