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Protect Your Investment: Apply Wooden Deck Sealers

Protect Your Investment: Apply Wooden Deck Sealers

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November 27, 2006

Wooden deck sealers protect your wood and your investment.

Applying wooden deck sealers is a necessary process that must be done. It is also a task that is easy to learn how to do and can be done by the average homeowner. Anyone can do it as long as the specific directions are followed carefully.

Before applying wooden decks sealers or any coatings you should have the surface cleaned, dry and free of mildew. Having a clean surface to work with is very important to the success of your project. The prep for the project is just as important as the sealing itself.

When applying wooden deck sealers that are clear you can use a few different methods to do this. Depending on your own preference you can use a brush, roller or sprayer. For accuracy a brush is recommended but for a large deck you may want to lighten the load with the spray application. When spraying you still should go over the sprayed area with a brush or roller just to even out the coating.

Wooden Deck Sealers

Applying wooden deck sealers or clear coatings are a lot simpler to apply than something colored like a stain. One of the next important parts to applying any wooden deck sealers or stains is the current outside temperature. If there is a chance for any precipitation than it is best to reschedule this task. Also never apply anything if the temperature could fall below 50 degrees within twenty-four hours of application.

It is also critical for a job well done to read and understand all the manufacturers directions. This will help you avoid some problems that could occur otherwise. You may also want to consider wearing long sleeves, eye protection and gloves to keep products from possibly irritating your skin. Wearing proper clothing and a mask to protect you from harmful vapors is very important for the health of consumers.

Applying wooden deck sealers and clear coating is simple and should take no longer than a couple of hours. Most quality sealers typically last up to two years before you should reapply to keep your wood completely protected.

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