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New Remodeling Trends: Cement Kitchen Counters

New Remodeling Trends: Cement Kitchen Counters

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November 22, 2006

A growing trend in kitchen design is the use of cement kitchen counters. They are not yet as popular or widespread as tile, granite or stone counters but the reasonable price along with the wide range of design and finish options mean that more and more people are choosing them for their homes.

Cement kitchen counters can be made to order in many styles. For example, you can have the counter made with the design and imprint of tile, slate or even decorative borders and designs. In most cases the manufacturer just needs the measurements of your counter area and then will custom make counters to fit your space. There are also standard sizes of pre-made counters that you can buy and cut to fit your space, at a much lower price than custom work.

Cement Kitchen Counters

Another option for cement kitchen counters. is to have them painted and finished to look like marble counter tops. You might be surprised at how realistic and attractive they look. Regardless of the design choice you make, the one thing you will probably love most about these counters is their durability and easy maintenance. You should not cut directly on them, just as you would not cut directly on other types of counters but they stand up extremely well to normal use.

Installation of cement kitchen counters is much the same as with other types of materials. You start with a sturdy frame and structure, then use adhesive to secure the counter to the frame. If the installation requires seams in the countertop, professional installers have the materials expertise to cover the seams so that they disappear from view.

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