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Learn How to Pour a Concrete House Foundation

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November 20, 2006

The first and most important part of building a house is the foundation. The foundation provides the basic structure upon which all other portions of your house will rest. Therefore it's important that you take great care in learning all the steps and techniques required to make a house foundation.

When learning how to pour a concrete house foundation you should know whether you want a basement, a crawlspace or whether you"ll be placing your home on a concrete slab. Another important step to pouring a concrete foundation properly is making sure the ground plumbing and other components underneath are placed properly before they are permanently embedded.

You must have the area surveyed before you dig the spot where the foundation will go. Each corner of where your foundation will go should be marked carefully. The digging must be precise to not disturb the ground where the foundation will lay. Then the footings are dug. The footings should be smooth and level.

How to Pour a Concrete House Foundation

Next rebar may be set up to reinforce the foundation and make it stronger and help resist ground soil movement. The footings are then filled with concrete.

Once the footings are dry you can begin to set up the foundation walls. Anchored bolts in concrete will tie the sill plate down to the foundation. Once the walls are dry the area is prepared to be backfilled.

No matter which type of foundation you decide you want to learn how to pour, you should have gravel and plastic placed underneath the area that the new concrete will be poured for better adhesion. The last step is to ensure that the concrete is poured and smoothed evenly within the foundation walls.

When learning how to pour a concrete house foundation, one of the most important steps is to give every step proper time to dry and be evaluated before continuing. Taking your time to ensure a solid and structurally sound foundation is essential to your success in building your new home.

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