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Installing Lattice Fencing

Installing Lattice Fencing

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June 22, 2007

Lattice fencing is an easy way to define the space in your yard and property.  By putting up fencing in and around your plants or living space, you will be able to create an entire new look for the home.  But what you may not realize is just how easy it is to install this fencing.  Here are a number of ways you can install lattice fencing in your yard:

The first and easiest way to install lattice fencing into your yard is by pushing it into soft parts of the ground.  You should do this if you don't have children or dogs to play with the fencing as it will be easy to remove.  But it will look good in areas where the fencing will not be put under any stress or strain.  You can help to increase the stability of this fencing by adding a wooden block to the top and to the bottom of the fencing and then anchoring those wood pieces in the ground.

Lattice fencing

Another way to install lattice fencing is by adding it to the fencing you already have.  You might want to attach these pieces with screws or even neutral plastic ties, if they don't look bad.  If you have a wooden fence, you will be able to nail the fencing right to the existing fence without any troubles.  Try holding up the fencing to your existing fence to see just how things can be attached.

You can also purchase lattice fencing that is pre-built.  This will simply need to be put into place and attached to some secure point.

But if you're simply not sure how to install lattice fencing, you can always hire a professional landscaper to handle the details for you.  Talk about your ideas with this professional and then see what they have to suggest in terms of your yard and your style.  In just a few days, these pros can have your lattice fencing in place and ready to impress the prospective house guests.

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