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Ideas for Garden Pond Water Features

Ideas for Garden Pond Water Features

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July 25, 2007

When you see others with garden pond water features, you might become jealous of how great they look.  And in doing so, you might wonder if you can add these features to your home as well.  The good news is that there are a few different ways to approach this home addition, so you have a number of options in terms of space needed, budget concerns and overall effect.  Here are some ideas for garden pond water features that you will want to think about in the planning process.

Fountains are some of the most popular garden pond water features you can choose when it comes to your backyard.  These water features can be installed into the ground with water pumps and stone formations or they can be installed above ground to create a versatile look that can be adjusted for your needs.  Fountains are a simple choice as they basically maintain themselves while also being as cheap or as expensive as you can afford.  Go to your local landscaping store to see what options they recommend and carry.

Garden Pond Water Features

Ponds are a bit more complicated in terms of garden pond water features.  These will require that you dig into the ground and create a spot for the actual water, not to mention the area that surrounds the water.  The installation needs to be sturdy enough to keep its shape as well as sheltered from the actual ground in order to maintain the water levels.  This is best done with a professional team and designer to make sure you get what you want in the end.

Fish pools are an extension of the garden pond water features.  These are real habitats for gold fish and koi, but will require more maintenance from you as the water's pH needs to be regulated in order to sustain the fish and keep them alive and well.

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