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How to Remove Old Countertop

How to Remove Old Countertop

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April 18, 2006

Step by step instruction to help you learn how to remove old countertop.

You"ve got your new countertop all picked out and ready to be installed. First, you must figure out how to remove old countertop without damage to what will stay. While this can be messy, the overall process is not difficult. Simply take it step-by-step and you"ll protect the remaining area and get the old countertop out without a major hassle.

Start by disconnection the sink plumbing. Most sinks are either glued on the countertop or attached underneath with screws. If the sink is glued, use a putty knife to work around the edge of the sink. It should gradually become loose. If screws are used, simply remove them and the sink should come out.

One area that is important in how to remove old countertop is the backsplash area. Take every precautionary method to keep from damaging the wall and paint or the backsplash. If you're planning to install a new backsplash, simply remove the old, again being careful not to damage the adjoining wall and paint.

To remove the backsplash use a utility knife to cut the caulk that seals the edge of the backsplash. Tap a wide putty knife in behind the backsplash. Use a pry bar to remove the backsplash, prying against the putty knife to prevent damage to the wall.

How to Remove Old Countertop

Many countertops are screwed down. Simply locate these screws and remove them. If glue has been used, use the same procedure with the putty knife to loosen the countertop.

If there are appliances where the countertop needs to be removed, you will want to move them to allow for easier access to the countertop. It will also keep them from harm if you're planning to continue to use them after you"ve installed your new countertop.

Make sure everything that is attached to the countertop has been removed. Now it should be easy to take out. Learning how to remove old countertop is an easy process. Simply take it step by step and proceed with caution to make sure you don't damage areas that will remain.

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