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How to Drywall Round Corners

How to Drywall Round Corners

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October 24, 2006

Learn about how to drywall round corners to add great architectural enhancements to your home.

Using new design touches can give your home a dramatic new appearance. In many cases, once the project is complete, many homeowners are amazed at how much different the same space looks. Using drywall round corners or "bull-nose" corners instantly updates any home, no matter what the architectural style.

Creating archways or finishing round windows adds an attractive updated touch to any room. Replacing square corners of walls and windows with round corners is not difficult. The key to learning how to drywall round corners is to make sure you have the right tools and materials.

Round corners add much to the architectural style of any home. While the job is not difficult, it's best to investigate your options for tools and materials before you begin the process.

Some of the specialty tools you"ll need are a ¾"bull-nose miter marker, a ¾" bull-nose cleaning tool and an archway finishing tool for applying mud to bull-nose archways.

How to Drywall Round Corners

The main material you"ll need is bull-nose corner beads. The corner beads are long strips that are placed over the adjoining drywall to give a smooth rounded surface to prep for mudding.

The preparation for mudding involves taping and joining the entire area into a smoothly finished surface on which you place and mud and sand until the desired affect is achieved.

Every outside corner requires a metal corner bead. The bull-nose corner bead is round instead of the normal square corner bead.

The other steps of learning how to drywall round corners are very much the same as installing any other type of drywall. There's lots of corner beads and other accessories to assist you with almost any type of drywall round corners you want. Again, the key is to make sure you"ve chosen the right materials and tools before you begin the work.

Correctly installing drywall takes time and special effort to make sure the surface that you"ll later be painting, tiling or wallpapering is smooth and looks seamless. Areas where the seams are joined when hanging the wallpaper must be mudded and sanded to achieve the smoothness desired.

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