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How to Choose the Best Cement Sealer

How to Choose the Best Cement Sealer

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January 3, 2007

Before you can determine the best cement sealer from others you should know why sealing cement is important. Sealing cement is imperative to preserving its life. If you do not seal your cement, particles along with the elements, will eventually take its toll on your cement causing it to deteriorate.

The different kinds of sealers are endless. Every company will say that they have the best cement sealer but it all depends on application. There are forms of vinyl, acrylics, resins, siloxane, silicates and silicone sealers just to name a few. Keep in mind that there are better products being made all the time so check out all the latest products while you are at your local home improvement store.

When looking for the best cement sealer for your job you should think about doing a test before applying a product on your whole surface. Depending on the surface you are sealing some cement may soak up the sealer more than others. It's good to test out how your cement receives the sealer before you cover all of it.

Best Cement Sealer

When looking for the best cement sealer you should definitely consider the life expectancy of the product. This will give you an idea of often you will have to re-seal the cement to keep it protected.

Before using a sealant it is extremely important to have your cement cleaned and prepared for this step. Not only will cleaning your cement make it look better but it will also keep particles from sitting underneath the sealant causing damage. Cleaning the surface can also help the sealant adhere better, which will also better protect the surface.

Simply cleaning and sealing your cement properly can prevent a lot of unnecessary damage. When working with cement inside the home all good contractors know it is vital to seal cement floors before installing hardwoods, carpet padding and even tile.

Check each sealant and take a lot of stress off your mind and budget by knowing you won't have to replace your cement for years to come.

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