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Home Trim Painting Estimate 101

Home Trim Painting Estimate 101

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December 10, 2008

We are used to being able to find out how much something costs easily.  A quick trip to the store or exploring online typically gives the correct price of everything from a meal out to buying new furniture.  When it comes to services though, especially those dealing with home improvement projects, you have to look for professionals to come to your home and give you an estimate for the work.  For many homeowners who have never had a contractor come to their house before, understanding an estimate might require a bit of practice.  Here is a look at what you will find on your standard home trim painting estimate. 

Understanding Your Home Trim Painting Estimate

Among the first factors any painting contractor is going to add into the estimate is the materials needed to complete the job correctly.  That means paint, any necessary primer, and mineral spirits or paint remover to touch up mistakes.  You can also expect the basic home trim painting estimate to have materials like brushes, paint rollers, and paint pans included.  Depending on the location of the proposed job, inside or outside the house, different equipment charges might apply like ladder rental for outdoor use or drop clothes for the inside of the house. 

The other large factor considered in the home trim painting estimate is the labor.  By far and large, this is usually the biggest expense on any estimate.  In this section, the contractor is guessing how long the project will take, factoring in his or her experience and knowledge, as well as commute time.  Some people complain about the cost of the labor, but when you consider that the job should be completed faster than you could do it on your own and the results should be durable and attractive, it really is worth it. 

If you discover you need some help understanding the home trim painting estimate, ask your contractor for assistance.  He or she will be happy to explain the estimated charges. 

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