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Great Tips on Winterizing a House

Great Tips on Winterizing a House

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January 3, 2007

Make Sure You Know These Tips on Winterizing a House

It's that time again to start preparing for the cold winter months ahead. Winterizing your home can help you save money on heating costs and more. Here are some great tips on winterizing a house that everyone will want to know about.

One of the most important tips on winterizing a house starts with getting rid of leaks. Not water leaks but air leaks. Air leaks can make their way through doors, windows, attics, basements, fireplaces or just poorly insulated areas. Fireplaces are great places to lose heat so make sure the damper is closed when it is not being used. Also for safety you should have your chimney cleaned and inspected before burning in it all winter.

Through this time caulking and weather-stripping will be your best friend. Check all entry points, pipe and duct openings. Make sure all is insulated properly even insulate electrical plugs that are near an exterior wall if needed.

Tips on Winterizing a House

Some other great tips on winterizing a house are to have your heating system checked, clean out your vents, replace filters, have propane or oil filled if necessary and have a digital thermostat installed. Having a thermostat installed will not only regulate the temperature in the home but it will also save you on energy costs as well.

Always check the condition of your roof before winter arrives. If you have missing or loose shingles now is the time to fix them. While you are up there the gutters could probably use a little cleaning out as well. Usually gutter cleaning and tree trimming is done in the fall before winter really sets in.

It is also a good idea to winterize plumbing, sprinklers and anything that could freeze during a cold winter. Now that you have worked your way outside make sure you winterize your outdoor items too. The exact procedure for winterizing certain items will differ depending on the area.

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