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Getting the Most From Your Electricians

Getting the Most From Your Electricians

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November 20, 2006

Tips to Help You Get the Most From Electricians

Every homeowner from time to time will need to hire electricians for repairs, remodels, or additions. Because of the potential dangers involved, even the most proficient do-it yourselfer, should hire professional electricians to install, repair and maintain their electrical system.

Electricians' services are expensive. They can range anywhere from thirty to seventy dollars per hour. As you're choosing from electricians, it's better to pay for a true professional than an inexperienced person that has a lower hourly rate. Keep in mind the work quality, experience level and the equipment that your potential electricians will use when choosing someone to complete a project for you. Make sure to get a price quote and references form at least three electricians. Be sure to check the references they provide. If you do these things, you"ll feel confident you"ve hired the best for your project.


When you receive quotes from electricians don't hesitate to ask questions to clarify charges. Some electricians charge a flat fee "trip charge" to cover the time they spend driving and sitting in traffic. Others charge a higher fee for the first hour. Still others will increase their hourly rate to the higher limits and charge full rate for the duration of the time they are at your home.

There are ways you can help to reduce the time they are at your home. Make sure before the electricians arrive, that you have made easy access, and have moved anything that might be in their way where they will be working. Providing a clean and open area where the electricians will be working can save a lot of time and money. Remember you're paying them for their professional electrical abilities, not to move furniture or other items. Make sure they have immediate and easy access to your electrical panel box so that you can save on the amount of time they spend in your home.

Most electricians will charge full hourly rates for partial hours. So, to make sure you get your money's worth, before the electricians arrive, do an inspection of your home. Check for other minor electrical problems that might be fixed while they are completing the main project. You can get full service for multiple items with only one visit.

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