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Framing a Whirlpool Tub: What You Need To Know

Framing a Whirlpool Tub: What You Need To Know

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August 21, 2007

When you are installing your new Whirlpool tub in your remodeled bathroom, consider a few important things before you begin: where will you put the tub?  How large is the tub?  Are you familiar with all necessary building codes in your area?  Do you have the skills needed for framing a Whirlpool tub, or should you seek the help of a construction professional?  Once you have addressed all of these issues, it is time to frame your new Whirlpool!

The installation of any new Whirlpool will begin with the rather complicated process of framing a Whirlpool tub.  The framing process is also called blocking, though essentially what you are doing is creating a frame in which the tub will sit.  Once you have decided where you want the tub to be, you can begin constructing your frame.  Framing a Whirlpool tub will take some time; if you are relatively inexperienced, you will want to set aside several full days for the labor portion of the project.

Framing a Whirlpool Tub

Begin framing a Whirlpool tub by building the blocking, which are the short walls that will encase the tub.  These walls are made of studs.  The stud walls should be attached to the sub-flooring of the bathroom, the floor joists in the bathroom, and to the wall framing itself using nails.

The next step is cutting the bottom plates, the top plates, and the studs.  Once these are cut according to the specifications of the tub, you can complete this part by nailing all parts together.  Remember that the suds should be about 16" apart, and should be doubled at any opening.

Plywood decking is the next step in framing a Whirlpool tub.  Attach the plywood decking to the top and sides of the box frame you have built.  Cut the appropriate size hole in the top for the tub to sit in, and, if building codes allow or require, cut a hole for the access panel as well.  The access panel should let you reach the tub motor; an access panel is a good idea for easy repairs.

Place spacers at the opening to hold the tub, and then put down a mortar bed in the bottom.  The mortar bed will hold the tub in place.  The final step of framing a Whirlpool tub is setting the tub into the mortar bed inside the frame.

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