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Floor Plans for Additions to Split Entry Houses

Floor Plans for Additions to Split Entry Houses

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January 15, 2007

You might think that floor plans for additions to split entry houses would be somewhat limited.  And you wouldn't be alone because this is a common misconception. There are, in fact, a number of ways to add on or revise the floor plan of your split entry house.  All it takes is a bit of creativity and forethought about what your needs really are and how you can remodel your home to better meet those needs. You may or may not also want to think about when or if you plan to sell your home, and how the addition could affect your home's value.   

Floor plans for additions to split entry houses generally fall into two categories.  The most common are those plans that involve opening up the floor plan to create a more open feel to the home and make it easier and more convenient to live in.  Many people choose to remove the walls that separate the different rooms, including the kitchen dining room and living room. Often homeowners will open up the entry stairs as well. Open stairways can create a more open ambiance, as well as help create the feeling of loftier ceilings.  

Floor Plans for Additions to Split Entry Houses

It is also common to extend one part of the house to create a two story addition, allowing more space upstairs as well as downstairs.  Such extensions may be added on the front, on the back, or even on the side of the home depending on the space available. Another common addition made to split entry houses is a garage.  This kind of structure is very easy to add on to your home because it usually does not require major structural changes to the existing home.  All you typically need to do is put in a door from the garage to the downstairs area. 

You can also approach your addition to your split entry based on what kind of space you and your family need the most.  This might be a room, like an extra bathroom, bigger laundry room or master bedroom. Narrowing down this decision will make it easier to decide how best to approach your addition.   

Adding Wisely  

If you are happy with the upstairs floor plan then consider making changes to the downstairs floor plan instead.  Opening up spaces, installing larger windows and enlarging the bathroom and laundry room are all common additions to make.  Before you make any final decisions about what changes to make, consider several different floor plans for additions to split entry houses.

Whether you decide to embark on an addition project, or something completely different, you'll be glad that you invested in your home. To find local contractors, or learn more about any of these remodeling projects check out our other resources.

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