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Five Questions to Ask Your Sunroom Contractor

Five Questions to Ask Your Sunroom Contractor

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April 23, 2007

Find out about the five most important questions to ask before you hire a sunroom contractor.

Are you adding a sunroom to your home as a new addition? Converting a porch? Or, installing a pre-fabricated sunroom? No matter what type of sunroom you are planning choosing the right contractor for your project is critical to its success and your level of enjoyment once the sunroom is completed. 

Before you hire a sunroom contractor here are five questions to ask.  Make sure to invite more than one sunroom contractor to give you a quote and make sure you get the answers to each of these questions.  Only then will you be able to make an informed decision on choosing the best sunroom contractor for your project.

The first question you ask should be, "How long have you been doing sunrooms?"  You'll want someone who has been specializing in sunrooms at least three years.  The longer they've been building or assembling sunrooms, usually the more qualified they'll be to handle any problem that may arise.

Sunroom Contractor

The second question, should be, "Can you provide me with addresses locally, where I can view sunrooms you have built?"  While not all homeowners are wiling to allow contractors to use their projects as referrals, you should still be able to at least drive through a local area and view a sunroom that has been built by the sunroom contractor

The third question, "How long has the crew that will be building my sunroom been working for you?"  Again, the longer the better.  Building a sunroom does have similar properties to building other room additions.  Several aspects of building a sunroom require specialized knowledge in order to deliver a superior product, so you want to make sure that the crew will have some experience working on room additions. 

The fourth question, "What manufacturer do you represent?"  Again, you'll want to make sure the materials manufacturer is well established in the sunroom industry.  Warranties, guarantees, and the overall quality of your completed sunroom will depend not only on quality craftsmanship, but on quality materials as well.

Finally, make sure you question the potential sunroom contractor's understanding of the glass, the windows, and other important accessories you'll need for your new sunroom.  There are many types of glass and sunroom kits.  Make sure your sunroom contractor understands exactly what you want, and which types of materials will best suit your needs.

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