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Five Front Porch Design Ideas

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July 31, 2007

If you're having troubles coming up withfront porch design ideas, you're not alone.  With homeowners looking for new and innovative ways to make their home appealing, everyone is looking to change the outside of their home.  Here are five front porch design ideas that you might be able to use:

One of the first front porch design ideas is to simply re-stain or repaint the porch itself.  It's a simple fix, but it will instantly brighten up the space and make it look inviting and new.  Remove the old paint or stain and then apply a new coat or a completely new color.

Front Porch Design Ideas

Next, you might want to try removing any excess decorations that are on your front porch, like embellishments on the wood or the railings.  This will help to make your front entrance more sleek and stylish, while also making it easier to change later on down the road.

The third of the front porch design ideas is to add more embellishments if you already have a plain outside design.  Try adding moulding and other wood accents to change the overall look, while at the same time not adding a lot of work for you in the process.

You might also want to completely take down the front porch design that you have right now and put up a completely different porch.  This is the most extensive project you can undertake, but it will certainly make a dramatic difference.

And while the last of the front porch design ideas is simple too, it also will not require you to lift a hammer or a screwdriver.  Try adding new furniture or plants to the front porch area.  This will help to add new interest to the area without requiring any heavy labor.

The key to front porch design ideas is to change the look.  How dramatic or how subtle you want to achieve this goal is up to you.

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