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Choices for Eco-Friendly Kitchen Flooring

Choices for Eco-Friendly Kitchen Flooring

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November 11, 2008

When you are planning your kitchen remodel with your contractor there are a lot of different decisions that have to be made.  You have decide if you want to change the structure, size, or shape of the room, the types of appliances to be installed, and everything else from cabinets to countertops.  Of course, you can't overlook the importance of choosing your new kitchen floor.  The good news is there are many different eco-friendly kitchen flooring products to consider for your remodel.  By going green in your kitchen, you'll likely have one of the most interesting and innovative kitchens on your block!

One great green option for your kitchen floors is bamboo flooring. One of the things you have to understand about eco-friendly kitchen flooring is that to be able to be considered environmentally safe, the materials for your floor should to be from an easily renewable source.  That's one of the reasons bamboo flooring fits the bill perfectly.  This grass grows at an unbelievable rate so there is little chance that it will ever be on the endangered list.  You can also expect it to have a beautiful finish and be easy to take care of with a simple vinegar and water solution.  Nothing says earth friendly like a floor that costs even less to care for than the other, less environmentally conscious choices.

Eco-Friendly Kitchen Flooring For Your Home

Cork is another great option for kitchen floors. If anyone in your family has allergies, this might be the right choice, since cork flooring is resistant to mildew and mold.  Cork flooring is a very soft material. If you spend a great deal of time standing in your kitchen, this feature will be wonderful for your legs, feet, and back.  It's so comfortable, that many yoga studios use this type of flooring for practicing their sessions. Not only offering great functionality, cork flooring is also stylish. It comes in a variety of finishes and designs. 

If neither of these options appeal to you, don't think those are your only options. Your contractor may have some other ideas for eco-friendly kitchen flooring including refurbished wood or even metal tiles.  A quick look on the internet should provide a number of options as well. Keep an open mind and you will soon be enjoying a beautiful new kitchen floor and feel good knowing you didn't harm the environment in any way. 

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