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Creating Fun Cement Garden Projects

Creating Fun Cement Garden Projects

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November 14, 2006

Cement garden projects are generally easy to plan and complete. Another benefit is that they can add greatly to the beauty and functionality of your garden landscape. There is a nearly endless variety of ways to put together such projects depending on your particular needs and preferences.

Some examples of cement garden projects include stepping stones, walkways, walls, planters and decorative cement shapes. Many of these ideas you can design and create on your own, while for others it is easier to buy a pre-made form or casting shape.

Cement Garden Projects

Cement garden projects are also great fun for a family to do together. Think about making stepping stones for just a moment. All it takes is a basic form in whatever shape you want, and each person in the family can decorate and make their own special stepping stone. Children love to put their handprints in stepping stones (just be sure to wash their hands thoroughly afterwards) which they can then decorate with small colored rocks or colored pieces of decorative glass. Everyone can participate in mixing the cement, pouring it into the form, decorating it and eventually, installing the finished stepping stones in the garden area.

Regardless of the project you choose, be sure to read and follow all manufacturer instructions on the cement you use. Inhaling the dry cement can be harmful, so always where a dust mask, safety glasses, and gloves to protect your hands. Unless you are doing a very large project, you do not need to rent a cement mixer. A wheelbarrow or large bucket will do the trick, as long as you can mix the cement well using a tool of some sort. Whether you do a small family project or a larger project which involves the help of a contractor, cement garden projects can be great additions to your overall landscape design.

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