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Concrete downspout splash guards protect your home and yard.

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August 14, 2006

Find out how to protect your landscape from unwanted gutter run-offs with concrete downspout splash guards.

Uncontrolled rainwater from your gutters can do more than simply make your yard look bad. Things like wet basements, wet crawlspace, rotted materials, mold, and excessive mosquitoes are just a few of the problems that can be caused by poorly routed water from your gutters. Over time, poorly routed rainwater can cause problems both for your home and your family's health. Concrete downspout splash guards can prevent these problems.

You"ll find concrete downspout splash guards in a variety of widths and lengths. This helps to ensure your get the proper drainage away from your home so no damage will occur. If your foundation walls stay moist from gutter drainage, problems will eventually arise. You should make sure to correct the problem as soon as possible.

The landscape surrounding your home should be evaluated carefully before you purchase concrete downspout splash guards. Length must be sufficient to steer the flowing water away from your home. The ideal concrete downspout splash guards should release the water four to ten feet away from your house. The positioning of your concrete downspout guards should also be such that all water drains away. You don't want to just remove the water from one area and have it flow to your foundation wall in another area.

Concrete downspout splash guards

As for the aesthetics of your concrete downspout splash guards, you"ll find a better selection than ever before. It's now easier to color concrete. You"ll also find some disguised in the form of animals like frogs, statues, and other familiar outdoor themes. These decorative concrete downspout splash guards can create a light and fun area of interest and still provide the protection you need.

If water drainage is severe, you can install drainpipes underground around your house and connecting downspouts to the pipes. Pretty or not, it's crucial for the maintenance of your home that you use concrete downspout splash guards to protect your foundation walls as well as the basement or crawl space of your home.

Once you"ve installed your concrete downspout splash guards, you"ll need to check at least once a year to make sure they're still in the proper position. While most are made to endure severe weather, you"ll also want to check for broken or cracked splashguards.

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