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Can You Install Attic Insulation?

Can You Install Attic Insulation?

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July 5, 2007

Many homeowners try to install attic insulation on their own - often with positive results.  But when you're trying to decide whether to install attic insulation on your own or not, you need to consider three major sticking points: time, cost, and safety.  By taking the time to consider each of these ideas, you will find the right answer for you and for your home.

Time is the major consideration when you want to install attic insulation.  This kind of large project does take a lot of time to complete.  If you have enough time on the weekends or you can take a longer weekend to complete the project, you will be able to install on your own.  But if you're crunched for time, you may find your insulation results lessened by this restriction.  Instead of taking your time to do it right, your insulation may not be properly installed and thus not perform the tasks it was intended to do.

Install attic insulation

Cost is another factor when you install attic insulation on your own.  Not only are the materials costly, but if you underestimate or overestimate your supply costs, you might need to spend more in order to get the numbers right.  You will also want to remember that any problems with your insulation will require that you fix them or that you pay someone else to fix them.  When you hire a company to do your attic insulation, they will often guarantee your work and come out for repairs at no additional cost.

Safety is the final consideration when you want to install attic insulation.  Because many of the insulation materials can be dangerous to your lungs, you will need to have a high quality respirator or other face covering to help you during the process.  And even if you are protected, you can accidentally release the materials into your home if you're not aware of how to create a ventilated area.  Proper eye protection is also necessary when you're installing fiberglass insulation and any blown in insulation materials.

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