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Black Mold Testing and Inspection ? Critical For Good Health

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June 16, 2006

Black mold testing and inspection is critical for people who suffer from allergies, asthma and other health problems. Black mold in itself can be the main cause of these and other health problems many may suffer from. It also has been known to cause allergic reactions, chronic fatigue symptoms, airway inflammation and many more problems.

If you suspect your health may be declining from mold exposure black mold testing and inspection should be done throughout your home. Black mold testing and inspection kits are available in stores to help you analyze the premises, guiding you along the way.

Mold is created when water or moisture absorbs into porous materials and over time out of this material a fungus grows called mold. The fungus survives as long as there is moisture. This is why leaks are extremely important to fix immediately. In flooded areas it is a race against the clock to dry everything. Areas to look for leaks include your roof, plumbing and air conditioning units. Damp basements especially are a haven for mold growth.

Black Mold Testing and Inspection

Although it is great news to know your black mold testing and inspection is clear inside the house but mold can also become an outdoor problem as well. Any place that sunlight doesn't reach, mold will grow. Dispersed from mold are mold spores that float in the air and if mold is growing on the side of your house, it can still make its way inside. This is why black mold testing and inspection is critical outside as well as inside the home.

Mold isn't always black even though it is the most common. Mold can come in many different colors and in different form. The key to preventing any mold growth is to keep your home free of damp, dark places. If any area of your home stays moist, you're creating the perfect growth environment for mold.

Many homeowners think they must call a professional to perform black mold testing and inspection. If you decide to call someone, make sure they're not simply trying to scam you. This is a very lightly regulated business. No specialized certifications are required, so beware.

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