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Basics of Replacing Attic Insulation

Basics of Replacing Attic Insulation

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June 29, 2007

When you're interested in replacing attic insulation, you need to consider a few things.  First, the actual need for insulation needs to be weighed.  Second, you need to consider the types of insulation that are available and finally, you need to decide who will be doing the actual installation.  Replacing attic insulation is no small matter, especially since it adds up to big savings for you.

When you're considering replacing attic insulation, you need to check to see if your home actually needs it.  You can have an insulation professional come out to your home to check the filling in your attic to see if it meets the current recommendations.  If it does, you may want to wait on adding insulation until it's absolutely necessary.  If your insulation is not in line with the current guidelines, then it's time to consider replacement insulation or perhaps just filler to get it up to par.  When your insulation is somewhere in the middle, you might want to wait it out and have frequent checks to see when you will be ready.

Replacing attic insulation

The next step in replacing attic insulation is choosing the type of insulation that is appropriate.  For most homes, going with what is already installed is the best course, but if your home is older, you might want to change the insulation you have in place.  You can choose from fiberglass, blown cellulose and batting.  Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, so you might want to consult with a professional to get their opinion.  Regardless, you will want a thicker density insulation for homes that will be subjected to extreme conditions and a lighter density for those homes in a milder climate.

And finally, the person who will be replacing attic insulation can make or break the overall process.  If you choose to do it yourself without any training, you might put yourself in harm's way as well as complete a project that's not going to save you money.  But if you leave attic insulation installation to a professional, you will know that you're doing the best for your home.

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