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Basics of How to Design a Sunroom

Basics of How to Design a Sunroom

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July 31, 2007

Everyone is looking for a new and innovative way to make their home more valuable to potential buyers.  In learning how to design a sunroom, you can begin to create a unique and interesting addition to the home.  These sunrooms are the latest trend in homes across the globe, offering you additional space as well as more versatility for your home.  Whether it's a three season or one season room, learning how to design a sunroom may be the best decision you ever make for your home.

Before you can begin to sketch out what you want from a sunroom, you will need to ask yourself - what am I going to be using the sunroom for?  For most families, a sunroom is merely a place to be shielded from bugs and the heat of the summer, but for others, it can be a place to listen to the baseball game or to watch TV or to entertain.  Try to find out what exactly you want to use the sunroom for and then be sure that you are implementing these purposes into your sunroom designs.

How to Design a Sunroom

Next in how to design a sunroom is the actual sketching phase.   You will want to draw out the way you see the layout of your sunroom in order to give the builders a clear idea of what you want as the end result.  This can be as detailed as you want or as simple as you like, but it does need to be a clear 'map' of what you expect at the end.  Try to include measurements if you can as well as the exact location of doors and windows that you want installed.

But the real chore in how to design a sunroom is choosing the company to do the work.  This is simply not a job that the average homeowner can do by themselves.  Installing a sunroom takes about three days and with a good company, it will last a lifetime.  Be sure to check on what the repair policies are as well as what their standing is with your local Better Business Bureau before you hire anyone.

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