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Basement Renovations: Ideas for You

Basement Renovations: Ideas for You

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March 19, 2007

If you're looking to add value to your home, basement renovations can be a perfect way to accomplish this goal.  By taking the often unused space and turning it into a functioning room in your home, you're giving yourself additional square footage as well as more room for your family to grow.  Here are some ideas for basement renovations, starting with the easiest and working up to the more complicated tasks.

Assuming that your current basement is in working order and has no major issues with mold or wetness, you can start easily in basement renovations by changing the colors of the walls, or adding finish carpentry features.  Painting concrete is easy and can add another layer of protection between the dampness outside and your new renovated basement. Additionally, you can look into investing in coatings and paints that serve this specific purpose, so you can be confident your new basement will be protected from water damage.

Basement Renovations  

You'll be surprised at how adding a new coat of paint can make the room seem brighter and bigger, and will make you feel more comfortable in your new space. You can choose basement paint colors based on what kinds of activities or uses you have planned for your finished basement if you want to coordinate the moods for your basement's function. 

Another popular idea in basement renovations is something that older basements will need especially - insulation.  Adding extra insulation will make your downstairs area more hospitable and comfortable, allowing you to spend time in the area during all seasons.  You can add insulation in between the framing that you already have and easily nail in some drywall. Another even simpler option is adding caulk and or flashing around any window edges and putting thick drapes over these windows.  Likewise, you can also add carpets and flooring tiles to further increase the warmth in your basement.

Functional Basement Ideas 

Other popular ideas for creating a basement renovation can include adding a wetbar or a home theater.  These projects can increase the value of your home and add a great space for you and your family and freinds to gather and socialize. Again, its important to consider what you're planning on using your basement for before starting work on your basement renovation.  

If you're looking to make the area completely comfortable for parties, playtimes, and more,  basement renovations experts will completely refurbish the area and make it into a room just like any other room in your home.  This process can also include electrical wiring and an addition of a bathroom to make the area livable. Having a newly renovated basement creates an additional room which will be a strong selling point if you should ever decide to move. 

Whether you decide to finish your basement, or start a completely different home improvement project, you'll be glad you made an investment in your home. To find local contractors, or learn more about any of these remodeling projects check out our other resources.

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