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Are Sunroom Additions A Good Investment?

Are Sunroom Additions A Good Investment?

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March 1, 2007

Are sunroom additions a good investment in your home?  The answer is, it depends.  A high quality, well designed sunroom can greatly enhance the value of a home if it fits with the lifestyle and design of the home in general.  On the other hand, while you may get a lot of enjoyment out of a pre-designed or ready built sunroom, when it comes time to sell your home it may not be viewed by potential buyers as an added value to the home.

Sunroom additions are generally a good investment if they are of high quality and are suitable for the climate and design of a home.  For instance, in very warm climates a sunroom with appropriate heat resistant glass panels and stylish shades that can be extended or retracted may be seen as a terrific way to soak in some sunshine without being exposed to the very hot temperatures outside.  In cold climates, a sunroom that is well positioned to take advantage of available sunlight and with a suitable heating system can also be an asset if it is comfortable to be in during the cold times of the year.

Sunroom Additions

If a sunroom is not a good fit for a particular home, or is not comfortable to be in year round, then it might not be a good investment in terms of resale value of the home.  A sunroom addition is much like a swimming pool - nice to have while you're living in the home, but some potential buyers will view it as a negative. 

You need to decide on your expectations for the sunroom.  Do you want it for the pure enjoyment while you are in the home?  Do you want a return on your investment when it comes time to sell the home?  Are you willing to spend the money to add a high quality sunroom to maximize the resale value?  Or are you more interested in creating an area that you can use and enjoy without worrying about getting a return on your investment?  These are the kinds of questions homeowners should consider when deciding if sunroom additions are good investments for them.

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