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Arched front doors add interest to your entryway

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May 12, 2011

What does your entryway say?

Your front door is the first impression that most visitors get of your home. Choosing an interesting, dramatic, elegant, or unusual front door says a lot about both your home and you. Most front doors, even the most elegant and ornate, are rectangular in shape. So an arched front door makes an immediate impression upon the visitor, giving a feeling of being in a much taller space.

Types of arched front doors

Arched front doors lend themselves particularly to a number of architectural styles such as the Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance, Chateauesque, Tudor, and even Spanish Colonial. Arched front doors may be made of hardwood such as mahogany or teak, and often include ironwork, glass, and other decorative touches. Again, the door should match the architectural style. A simple wood arched door, perhaps with wrought-iron exposed hinges, would look natural in a Spanish Colonial or Tudor entryway. Gothic, Chateauesque, or Baroque architecture would suggest a more ornate arched door. This is not to say that an arched front door is inappropriate for more modern architectural styles, but the door should blend well with the rest of the home's front elevation.

Remodel with an arched front door

You can easily find a replacement door for a home that was designed and built with an arched front door. Remodeling an entryway to add an arched front door used to be a much more complicated proposition. It required the expertise of a master carpenter to match the frame to the arched front door for a tight fit that kept out drafts yet opened and closed smoothly. Fortunately, now there are prefabricated arched doorway kits available that bring this sort of project within reach for the average homeowner's capabilities.

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