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Your New Fiberglass Portico

Your New Fiberglass Portico

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August 24, 2007

Many people want to make dramatic changes to the exterior of their homes, but few think they can afford the cost of the construction and the time it takes to create major changes.  A solution to this difficult question may be a fiberglass portico.  A fiberglass portico will not only add some personality to your home's exterior, it will also add a professional, decorative flair that you can be proud to show your neighbors. 

A portico is actually a covering of sorts for your front door.  Most porticos are added onto homes that have some kind of raised steps or a brick or wooden platform in front of the front door to the house.  Most people choose to incorporate their home's front steps into the design for the portico as it is cheaper than tearing down and rebuilding the stairs.

Choosing a Fiberglass Portico

As with all types of porticos, a fiberglass portico will add much needed detail and drama to the front of your home.  There are several types of porticos, and most of them can be found as a fiberglass portico.  The arched portico actually adds an arch to your front door.  A gabled portico is a triangular peak that goes above the front door.  A shed portico is a plain, flat portico; a hip portico adds a small raise to a traditional flat shed portico, adding a more classic feeling to the portico.  For larger homes, you can use a beautiful design called an upper rail portico, which creates a balcony above the front door.  Some contractors will not do all of these portico designs as a fiberglass portico, so before you decide on one type of fiberglass portico, be sure to check with your contractor.

For the most part, a fiberglass portico is slightly less expensive than a portico made of wood and metal.  That, of course, is because the materials are man-made and are therefore cheaper to produce.  However, depending on how much work needs to be done to prepare your door way for the fiberglass portico, you could be spending the same amount as you would for a wooden portico.  Have your contractor help you to keep the project within your chosen budget.

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